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Admission letter and wooden...

Admission letter and wooden craftsmanship Wand

Personalized Admission Letter and wooden craftsmanship wand - Harry Potter Gadget

Fill in the fields and receive the personalized admission letter to HOGWARTS!

The letter is in Italian and includes the platform 9 3/4 ticket and the Hogwarts map!

Our Hogwarts Witchcraft and Wizardry school admission letter is being sent through OWL Post to all students who have the right to attend the courses.

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I nostri elfi possono preparare una confezione magica?
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One of the most famous Harry Potter gadgets, entirely craftsmanship and handmade, you can personalize it with your data.

The letter has the Hogwarts seal in real lacquer wax,

Attached is:

- the Harry admission letter

- a ticket for the Hogwarts Express ride

- the list of all textbooks and the necessary equipment to attend school.

Moreover, with our offer, you may receive a real Harry Potter craftsmanship and handmade real wood Wand.

Handcrafted Wands are unique because the Wand chooses the wizard and they are all different. It will be your own personal wand!

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