About Us | Always Wands

Even before being salesmen, we are first of all big fans of the Harry Potter saga that has accompanied and is accompanying entire generations. This is the first focal point of Always Wands : passion.

As fans of Harry Potter history and magic we are always looking for magical emotions and that's why we put our love and lots of creativity into everything we do.

We were among the first in Italy to offer a customization service of real wood magic wands and, thanks to the imagination of our craftsmen, we were able to achieve important goals throughout the country.

We offer all fans like us continuous Harry Potter themed news, from Harry Potter gadgets to merchandise to the creation of our now famous Harry Potter Mystery Box .

Our greatest success is your satisfaction, which you do not fail to express through your feedback on our services and harry Potter items for sale (both online through reviews, and live to various fairs we attended).

This is certainly another strength of Always Wands : the trust of our customers.

We believe in magic and will always be here to fulfill the wishes of all wizards and witches.

Always Wands , magic in your home!